Dan is a research assistant professor fellow in the Delta Lab in the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University. His research interests include teaching process skills, improving design-based research methods, and designing tools for improving feedback to innovation projects. He has worked on how to better connect professional designers to students taking on real-world innovation challenges as they coach them online, how to help novice innovators to better plan and iterate, how to teach novice innovators to scope more effective projects, and how to help gather more effective crowdcritique on innovation projects. He has also written a number of well-received design-based research methods papers. He is currently working on how to design technologies to improve the feedback teams receive across Networked Improvement Communities and Social Innovation Networks. For example, he is working with the California Action Network for Mathematics Excellence and Equity to build technology that increases the quantity and quality of feedback that teachers receive as they redesign their curriculum to be more effective and equitable.

His work has been supported by two NSF research grants, an NSF iCorps, an NSF SBIR phase I, the Spencer Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation-supported Digital Media and Learning Competitions (total  $2.4 million). He is currently a 2020 National Academy of Education and Spencer Foundation postdoctoral fellow. He is the co-founder of ForgeWorks, an NSF SBIR funded startup that creates educational technologies that help prepare the next generation of innovators to solve pressing social problems. 

He received a Ph.D. and an MA in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University, and a BA in Philosophy and English (Jt Hons) from Sussex University. Daniel was a Post-Masters Fellow and Learning Consultant at Design for America in the Segal Institute of Design. He previously worked as a learning consultant in industry, designing training and tools to improve workforce innovation.  He also taught Intercultural Communications and English at ENSEIRB-MATMECA, an elite French engineering school (Grande Ecole) in Bordeaux. He has also worked as an educator in Vietnam, Poland, and his native UK.